Based in Cape Town, South Africa, This Thing Is Plural (TTIP) is a community centred arts initiative committed to curating and producing critical intellectual and artistic content, and contributing to the building of new knowledge. Grounded in principles of improvisation and “gut feeling” oriented study, the project also seeks to give importance to the cultural and epistemological heritage on which we stand today.

There exist numerous practitioners and formations in Cape Town and beyond doing culturally important work, but there is also a need for said practitioners and formations to develop a more tangible sense of interdependence and cooperation at the local level. In response, part of what we hope to do is promote collaboration and networking in a structure of working relations where individual and organisational resources are shared and transacted. It is intended that this process will lead toward a more deliberate and unified cultural project.

TTIP is also an archival project, documenting, presenting and disseminating ideas and content by both collaborators and the organisation itself.