Excerpt from Freespace in the bush of cosmospirits

Brought to you in collaboration with People’s Education, and as part of the UCT Decolonial School (2018), “Freespace in the bush of cosmospirits” is the first iteration of the Freespace Ensemble. Making use of Freespace as a discursive platform with possibilities for knowledge production, it brings forward an argument about ontological reality, drawing on clues in the world as we concretely experience it.

Live music

Excerpt from a performance-lecture held on the 29th of June at Hiddingh Hall, Hiddingh Campus (UCT) by Freespace Ensemble (in collaboration with People’s Education and the UCT Decolonial Winter School).


Hypocrite (or, Master of Ceremonies) – Decks and machines, percussion and toys, movement and dance, words and vocals
Clement Benny – Drums
Abraham Mennen – Saxophones
Dave Ridgeway – Upright bass
Tracey Rose – Movement and dance, agitation and invitation
Biko MC (aka Godobori) – Words and vocals, agitation and invitation
Soundz of the South – Words and vocals, agitation and invitation

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