Cultural Workers’ Consortium

It is increasingly necessary in Cape Town and beyond for individual practitioners, groups, organisations and spaces in the realm of cultural production to establish tangible relations of interdependence and cooperation in the ongoing struggle for the liberation of African people and transformation of the world for the better. Initiated by Malik Ntone Edjabe and Vusumzi Nkomo in response to this call, Cultural Workers’ Consortium (CWC) seeks to (1) serve as a resource that provides cultural workers and formations with information and tools to better connect, and (2) promulgate an ethic of coordinated collaboration where labour, materials, infrastructure and other resources are shared and transacted. It is intended that this process will lead to a more deliberate, unified and politically sharp cultural project at the local level.


The following is a mapped registry of CWC members, an in-exhaustive and growing directory of pertinent entities. Given the focus on collectivism and infrastructure-building, individuals have purposefully been excluded from the list.

Organisations aligned with CWC’s vision are invited to register under the consortium, have their details added to the directory, and receive updates and communications regarding further activities: