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Library of Maximum Everything

‘Sermons: Libraryof Maximum Everything’ is a growing library of audio and video based interviews, talks, musical performances and other human encounters, featuring knowledge-carriers from a range of backgrounds. Sourced and archival material is re-cut to communicate diverse arguments about the nature of reality in one-minute snippets. Connections are drawn between seemingly unrelated people and ideas, effectively mapping out the world of ideas which constitutes ‘Chaging same: An ontology of spirit’.

Hypocrite presents: Sigils, Spells and Other Chaos Magik

Featuring Hypocrite (microphone), Asher Gamedze (drums), and Lirubishi (decks), ‘Dual Unity: Sigils, Spells and Other Chaos Magik’ is a post-disciplinary performance-lecture about the creative and magical utility of oscillation between positive and negative poles.

Dual Unity: Made in the Image of Dog

‘Dual Unity: Made in the Image of Dog’ is a post-disciplinary performance-lecture interrogating the notion of being as constituted of a unified binary, where you cannot have ‘one’ without the ‘other’. Featuring Hypocrite, a jester-like character with a proclivity for overdoing things, and world renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Hilton Schilder, it speaks to the idea of ‘God the Mother’ and ‘God the Father’ as co-creators in the process of reality. Putting forward an incommunicable argument, the performers engage in a free, feeling-driven creative dialogue. It all begins with a primordial doggy growl.