An ontology of spirit

Changing same: An ontology of spirit

A research project concerned with the nature of reality. It proposes a particular interpretation of the world and attempts to bring to life this worldview by building a living archive of multidisciplinary performances and material. In doing so it draws substantially on Freespace, a performance format, pedagogic device and set of philosophical principles developed by People’s Education, where “everything is everything” while disconnectedness between ‘things’ occurs at a superficial but pragmatically and politically important level.

Sermons: Library of Maximum Everything

An audio and video archive of interviews, talks, musical performances and other human encounters featuring knowledge-carriers from a range of backgrounds. Sourced and archival material is re-cut to communicate key points about the nature of reality in one-minute snippets. Connections are drawn between seemingly unrelated people and ideas.

Hypocrite (or Master of Ceremonies)

Hypocrite is a character devised and performed by Malik Ntone Edjabe. He is an embodiment of the principles of Freespace and the notion of a “changing same” reality. Expanding on the Jamaican tradition of ‘toasting’, he straddles the space between DJ, emcee, dancer and hype-man. A believer in the power of love and the necessity of freedom of mind and spirit, he is a cunning jester with the ultimate goal of reflecting the inherent hypocrisy of all people, friends and enemies alike. Hypocrite is a conductor, drawing and producing energy through oscillation between positive and negative poles. As part of the research, he has staged a series of performance-lectures entitled Hypocrisy Sessions:

Freespace Ensemble

The Freespace Ensemble (or Hypocrisy Come Alive Orchestra) is an eclectic music outfit which draws on the principles of Freespace to develop and perform a collection of “comprehensible non-songs”. The resulting sound-world is intended to function as an open platform for the production and sharing of ideas, while bringing to life the notion of a “changing same” reality.

Freespace Ensemble at Decolonial Winter School, 2018

Freespace Film (in development)

An experimental short film which draws on the principles of Freespace to build an ‘improvised narrative’. It is made up of a two-part (day and night) Freespace public intervention, in which two performers take on a range of workshopped characters and carry out multiple improvised, dance-oriented skits. The story itself is only developed in post-production through an organic editing process. The resulting audio/visual experience is intended to bring to life the notion of a ‘changing same’ reality.