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Hypocrite presents: Sigils, Spells and Other Chaos Magik

Featuring Hypocrite (microphone), Asher Gamedze (drums), and Lirubishi (decks), ‘Dual Unity: Sigils, Spells and Other Chaos Magik’ is a post-disciplinary performance-lecture about the creative and magical utility of oscillation between positive and negative poles.

Rude People’s Consortium

Feelings Radio Project (2019 – 2023) Founded in 2019 by record collector and DJ Joey Modiba (aka Lirubishi) and performer-conductor Malik Ntone Edjabe (aka Hypocrite), Feelings Radio Project (FRP) was a pop-up radio and performance experiment combining music, sound-collage, improvisation and open dialogue to investigate and “get in our feelings” about a range of issues